Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Welcome to The Cast Album Review! I'm Michael Kras, an actor, playwright, director, singer, and HUGE fan of musical theatre. I live in Canada, so my access to New York and Broadway is limited enough that a lot of my exposure to new musical theatre comes from my collection of cast albums. As I write this, I have over 130 albums... Broadway and Off-Broadway, new and old, original cast and revival cast, concept albums, you name it. And I thought, "What better way to make even stronger use of these albums than to ring in my thoughts on some of them? I'll mostly be reviewing new albums as they come out but, in lulls, I'll jump back into my collection and review one of the older ones. Check back often, and I hope you enjoy!


  1. Excited about your blog! Please post often and not just on new ones! I like to see reviews of classic cast albums as well!

    1. Thank you Brian! You can be sure I'll be revisiting some classics as well.